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The Open Door of Indiana, Pennsylvania offers education, intervention and outpatient treatment for youth and adults who need help with alcohol use, substance use, or gambling concerns. Recommendations, referrals, and services provided are based on each person’s presenting concern and reasons for seeking care.

Services are also available for the partners and family members of persons with substance use, gambling, or mental health concerns. Take a look at our complete services below to discover all the ways we can help you.

Services can be provided on-site and via telehealth.

Our Services

Outpatient Services

Pre-Screen & Referral (Free Service)

During a pre-screen, you will speak with one of our staff members to figure out what service(s) or resource(s) might be helpful. A pre-screen takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. After completing the pre-screen, you’ll be given an appointment for an assessment and/or referral(s) for other services or resources. A Pre-screen can be completed by phone, telehealth, or in person.

Insight (Early Education) (Free for Armstrong & Indiana County Residents)

Our Insight course provides education about the physical health, mental health, social and other problems that can happen when someone drinks alcohol or uses substances too much or too often. You will also learn ways to manage stress, set goals, improve communication, and build up your self-esteem. This course takes about 12.5 hours to complete. You can attend Insight in-person or via telehealth.

Intensive Outpatient Counseling

In Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), just like in Outpatient Counseling, your first step will be to decide together with your assigned counselor(s) what you want to work on and develop a treatment plan. Once you’ve decided on where you want to go and the steps you need to get there, you will meet with your counselor(s) to work on these steps. You can work one-on-one with a counselor, in a group setting with others, or with a partner or other family members. In IOP, you will attend at least three days of group at least three hours a day and individual sessions at least twice a month. Couples and Family sessions can be scheduled as well. This level of care is more structured than Outpatient Counseling and is a good option to go to inpatient if you notice it has become very hard to control your substance use. It is also a good step-down option from inpatient to make sure that you have the support that you need to be successful during the transition out of 24-hour care.

Services can be attended in-person or via telehealth.

Alcohol & Other Drug Assessment

When you come for an assessment, you’ll meet with one of our clinical staff members who will review informed consent paperwork and ask you a variety of questions about your current situation and your history to figure out if and what kind of further treatment, services, or referrals would be helpful to you. Assessments take about 90 minutes to complete. We want to ensure that we understand the “big picture” so that we can make the most helpful recommendations for you. An assessment can be completed in-person or via telehealth.

Outpatient Counseling

In Outpatient Counseling, your first step will be to decide together with your assigned counselor(s) what you want to work on. Once you’ve decided on where you want to go and the steps you need to get there, you will meet with your counselor to work on these steps. You can work one-on-one with a counselor, in a group setting with others, or with a partner or other family members.

Outpatient services can be attended in-person or via telehealth.

Services for persons who are incarcerated at the Indiana County Jail are provided in the jail setting.

Services for youth can be provided in the school setting.


If you have a partner, child or family member struggling with substance use who could benefit from treatment but has had a hard time reaching out for help, a member of our clinical team can help. A counselor will meet with you and other loved ones of the person struggling with addiction to assess the situation, provide education and support, and to develop a plan to talk to the person you are worried about. Once you are ready, you, your family members and the counselor will arrange to meet with your loved one to talk about their problems with alcohol and other drugs. The goal is to help the person get into treatment.

Specialized Services

Buprenorphine (e.g., Suboxone, Subutex, Sublocade, etc.) Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with Buprenorphine is available on-site for individuals specifically struggling with Opiate use and who are currently using. You’ll meet with our doctor and nurse navigator for an initial evaluation and then for regular follow-up visits. MAT is provided in addition to another counseling service.

Naloxone Training & Distribution

The Nurse Navigator (NN) provides training to individuals and groups on learning how to identify a likely overdose situation and how to give Naloxone to someone you think has overdosed. A training certificate and Naloxone kit will be provided after you complete training.

If you’ve already completed training with us or somewhere else, ask us for a free kit.

Services for Special Populations

We have Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programming that is tailored to specific populations including:

-LGBTQI+ individuals
-Persons with Gambling Disorder
-Persons with Mental Health Conditions
-Incarcerated Individuals
-Drug Treatment Court Participants
-DOT-SAP referrals
-Children, Significant Others, and Family Members of Individuals with Alcohol/Substance Use and Gambling Disorders

Services for youth can be provided in the school setting.

Services for individuals incarcerated at the Indiana County Jail are provided in the jail setting.

Cooperative Medication-Assisted Services (MAT)

The Open Door has and continues to work closely with other MAT providers in the area. If your MAT prescriber doesn’t provide the recommended therapy services, we can provide the counseling and documentation of participation you need.

Nurse Navigator Services

If you have physical or mental health symptoms related to substance use, the Nurse Navigator (NN) can meet with you for screening, consultation, and referral. The NN can provide education and support for a variety of physical health concerns or questions and can help you talk to your physical health provider if you think that would be helpful. You can meet with the NN one-on-one, with a support person(s), or in a group setting.

The Nurse Navigator also provides education and support on Hepatitis C, HIV, Smoking Cessation, Medication Adherence, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Naloxone, and other health and wellness topics.

Crisis Intervention Services

24/7 Crisis Hotline (Free Service)

The clinical team members staffing our Crisis Department offer Crisis Intervention Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Team members provide judgment-free, confidential support for anyone dealing with a difficult life situation. If you feel like you need someone to talk to, we can help you work through your problem, manage your stress and hard feelings in the moment, safety plan, identify supports, and determine your next steps to get the care, resources, and support that you need moving forward.

How & When Can I Access Crisis?

Crisis services can be provided over the phone, via text, or in-person. Walk-in hours are 8 am-6 pm Monday through Friday and 1 pm-6 pm on weekends and holidays. If you need or want to meet in person and you can’t get to us, or it is outside of our walk-in hours, we can come to you!

What is a Crisis?

A crisis is subjective and defined by the individual. Any situation that you feel you are unable to handle in the moment, that is causing intense stress or difficulty in your life, or you have a problem that you are having a hard time finding resources or services for could be a reason to call the Crisis Intervention Team.

What Area Does Crisis Cover?

The Open Door of Indiana, Pennsylvania, provides Crisis Intervention Services for all of Armstrong and Indiana Counties in Pennsylvania. Regardless of your home address, if you are physically in Armstrong or Indiana County, we are able to help you. Every county in Pennsylvania has a dedicated crisis line. For information on a crisis line in another county, please call 1-877-333-2470, and that information will be provided.

Impaired Driving Program

Court Reporting Network Evaluation

A Court Reporting Network (CRN) Evaluation is a standardized interview that is required in Pennsylvania and a condition of the bond when you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The CRN Evaluation is scheduled for you by the District Justice. Following your interview, a computer-generated profile will be created that will become a part of the court order. This profile will list specific requirements for you to complete.

Alcohol Highway Safety School

Pennsylvania mandates a 12.5 to 15-hour educational course for individuals charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Registration for Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS) may be completed at the time of the Court Reporting Network (CRN) Evaluation.

Billing & Payment


The Open Door is in network with most Health Insurance Companies and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) providing behavioral health coverage for persons in this area. If we are not in network with your third-party payer, often these companies will provide out-of-network coverage, or the Agency may be able to seek a single case agreement to cover the cost of your care.

If you don’t have behavioral health insurance coverage of some kind, or the cost of your deductible, coinsurance, or copay is too difficult to pay and you live in Indiana or Armstrong County, you may be eligible to receive services at a reduced or no cost. If you are in need of assistance in paying for the cost of services, please let us know and our staff can help you through this process.

If you would like to pay for your services fully out of pocket, please ask us for our current fee schedule.
For payment of deductibles, coinsurance, copays, or if you prefer to self-pay for services, we accept the following forms of payment: cash, personal checks*, cashier checks, money orders, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

*Personal checks are not accepted for CRN Evaluations or Safe Driving School.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Discover, Master Card, Visa, and American Express)


Many health insurance plans have benefits for outpatient alcohol use, substance use, and gambling treatment. Prior to your evaluation, a member of our staff will check your insurance benefits and will obtain authorization, if needed. If you do not have health insurance benefits that will cover treatment, our staff will notify you before your evaluation and discuss your options.

For more information about our services or payment, contact us today or call us at 724-465-2605.

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