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Over 50 Years of Person-Centered Care

The Open Door was founded in 1972 as a United Ministry Volunteer Task Force offering a crisis hotline staffed by volunteers. Since that time, we have grown into a licensed outpatient facility providing a variety of services, including Screening, Assessment, Education, Intervention, and Treatment for Substance Use and Gambling Disorders; 24-hour Crisis Intervention Services; and Evaluation and Education for DUI Offenders.

In 1996, an affiliation agreement with Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) was established to increase access to services. In 2012, TOD partnered with Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral & Developmental Health Programs (BDHP) to provide telephone and walk-in crisis services, adding mobile crisis services in 2015.

In response to the ongoing needs of our community, The Open Door added a Nurse Navigator in 2013 who provides HCV and HIV screening, education, support, and referral, as well as support and referral for other physical health and mental conditions. We have continued to expand the Medication Assisted Treatment options available to our clients. VIVITROL® services in collaboration with Positive Recovery Solutions (PRS) started in 2015, and in 2019, Sublocade treatment was implemented. We have additionally partnered with Central Outreach Wellness Center in 2022, which provides HCV and HIV testing, support, and referral onsite in addition to other services.

Starting January 1st of 2023, our crisis text line is live. Further expansion of Crisis Services is in the works for 2023.

The agency is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs for Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Services, and by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for Crisis Intervention Services.

What Care Looks Like to Us

Our Vision

We envision a healthy community in which seeking, receiving, and implementing help for substance use and mental health concerns is as natural as utilizing the services of doctors and hospitals for physical health issues.

Our Mission.

The Open Door is a non-profit behavioral health organization designed to provide treatment and services for substance use and gambling related concerns; impaired driving programs; and crisis intervention services for Armstrong and Indiana County residents with a focus on inspiring steps toward hope, courage and recovery.

The clinical staff on our Treatment and Crisis teams, our Impaired Driving Program evaluators and instructors, and the administrative and fiscal staff who support them, work to facilitate personal insight and encourage personal growth. We want to give you the tools to solve life’s problems and succeed on your own and to be the safe place where you can talk things out when things are hard.

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Non-Profit Information

Next Annual Meeting: 11/6/2024

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